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1/14/2000 - Looking for any info on a Spence-Chapman ? adoption agency/home for unwed mothers/ lawyer?? from somewhere around the DC area. I'm not sure what kind of plece it was. My mother was adopted ?from there in 1930. Anyone ever heard of it? Please email me.  joanne

1/14/2000 - Could a baby be adopted by a 32 year old, single women in 1930?? She had never been married. Her family did have money. Was this ever done?  joanne

2/2/2000 - I am looking for any children of Joyce Fay Snodgrass/Kuder and T. R. Kuder. These children may be my siblings. Would be born in Des Moines, Iowa sometime after 1955.  Shari

2/7/2000 - I was adopted when a baby in April, 1934. I became the child of Roy and Jean Landberg of Aberdeen Washington. My father worked in a bank in Aberdeen, where I grew up and attended school. Both of my adoptive parents are now deceased. After many years of wondering about my natural parents, I am now beginning a search. For medical reasons, my son and his wife are anxious to learn of my heritage. Please, please help me if you can. Information on adoption: State file # 1046 Portland, Oregon (Multnoma County) Local Registrar #1054 K9-44835 Date of Birth: April 1, 1934 - Time 1:05 A.M. Physician: B.I. Phillips, MD Registrar's Signature: John G. Abele, MD Dated: April 9, 1934 State Health Officer: Harold M. Erickson, MD Acting State Registrar, By: Lillian D. (?) State Registrar: Moran M. Martin (sp), November 15, 1949  John Landberg

2/9/2000 - My close friend Jessica is looking for her birth mom.Jessica DOB is July 12,1974.Born in Albany,New York.To an Ann McCormack(McCormick) or Poss. Ann Cormack(cormick)Ann was 16 years of age at the time of Jessica's birth.If any one has any information ,the smallest clue .Please e-mail me. Finding her birth mom would make her so happy!  

2/10/2000 - I am looking for Mary Hill, age 40 in 1950. Gave birth to baby girl, named Janet Marie Hill, at St. Vincent's Orphanage in Chicago, Illinois.  Mary Ellen Hurrell

3/4/2000 - i have a couple of searing questions that relate to the search of adopted father.... why would a young 20ish married couple give up their first born to another couple in the late forties? why would the adoptive parents not finalize the adoption, until they were in their late sixties, and the child then being over 21 yrs had to give his permission for the adoption. it was a sealed adoption, stating that no others were every to be notified of the birth parents? cannot find that the two families are related, but the adopted child always recalled his "aunt" was his birth mom....does anybody have any of this type situation, and can help me with some of the answers to these situations??? any input would be greatly appreciated!!!  judy

3/12/2000 - I was adopted at birth in Wichita, Kansas. My birth mother's name is Marjorie Kroeger. I would like to know more about the history of my birth family. Please e-mail me at Thanks  geana

3/17/2000 - I am searching for my biological mother, Alice McQuade. I was born in New York City 12/19/46 and she was in her 20's. She may have been from Pennsylvania. My birth certificate says my name is Laura Brennan but I was put under the name of Laura Panas by my father who left me with the babysitter. This is all the information I have.  Laura Brennan

3/19/2000 - in search of any information on biological birth mother abandoned baby girl sanjose santa clara county December 15, 1958" baby jane doe"  L. Newell

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