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This site is dedicated to all Members of the Adoptive Circle Adoptees, Adopters, Birth Parents, Professionals and their Families, past, present and future.

Adoption InterLink UK is a 'not-for-profit' first-stop information and contact website for all interested in the multi-faceted experiences and needs that are the Adoption Circle.

The pages are especially for Married Couples and Single People, with or without children, who are considering Adoption as a means of starting or extending their family, and for those already involved in the process of the Adoptive Circle there is information and advice on Post Adoption Support.

Post Adoption Services

  • I was adopted. I have some questions. Is there someone who can help me?
  • I placed my child for adoption some time ago. Is there anyone whom I can have a quiet talk with?

    Personal Online Notice Board

  • I am part of the Adoption Circle of adoptees, adoptive families, birth parents and adoption professionals.
  • I wish to post a brief notice; request; email contact details; forthcoming event; or other pertinent adoption information that might be of serious interest to Members of the Adoption Circle...

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  • Adoption InterLink UK help for those Members of the Adoption Circle who are 'Searching'

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