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Adoption Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists are a wonderful way to meet other members of the Adoption Triad. They offer support, understanding and help you through adoption related issues. They are a great source for learning to search, getting help searching and for you to offer help to others.

There are Adoption Mailing Lists for all members of the Adoption Triad. I have included lists that include all Triad members as well as lists that cater to your specific needs as an Adoptee, Birth Parent and/or Adoptive Parent.

Adoptees Internet Mailing List

List Description: For adoptees and adoptee-lites in all aspects of search and reunion. A wonderful support group for adoptees all over the world. Open to adoptees only.

Reunited Triad

List Description: Mailing/Discussion List for members of the adoption triad that are reunited with the other parts of thier triad.


List Description: For adoptees that have been reunited with their birth families.

HOT (Heart of Triad)

List Description: This list is adoption related and that applys to anything that you feel, think, know or want to know about adoption. We welcome all corners of the triad as well as anyone touched by adoption indirectly like friends ot relatives of triad members.

Lost and Found

List Description: A list for anyone touched by adoption a place to share, learn, heal, and grow, regardless of sex, age, or position in the Triad.

Put in Body of email: lfl {you're email address}

For Digest version: lfl-digest {you're email address}

BirthMothers Mailing List

List Description: This list is open to birthmothers searching or reunited.

BirthFathers Mailing list

List Description: This list is open to birthfathers searching or reunited.

Adoptive Parent List

List Description: A meeting place for adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents and their families to discuss the everyday life experiences and challenges of aparents and families.

Instructions: In the body of your email, send the message: subscribe aparent your name.

1950 Adoptees

List Description: For adoptees of the 1950's. 1950 to 1959.


List Description: This is a list to help adoptees who are either searching or living in the UK and Eire to trace their birth families.  It is intended as a platform for the exchange of ideas between adoptees, birth parents and other people who are involved in the search. 

Put in body of message: subscribe adoptees-ukie yourfirstname yourlastname

Black Market Babies

List Description: For members of the adoption triad. Anyone who would like to discuss black market adoptions of the 30's, 40,'s 50's, and 60's. No NAR material. This is for information exchange and support for people who have been touched by black market adoption. This is not a place to adopt a child.

The Adoption Triad List

List Description: This mailing list is focused toward adopting and raising adopted children.

To subscribe: Put in body of message: subscribe adoption FirstName LastName

Single Adoptive Parents

List Description: Single adoptive parents mailing list

text: "subsingle"

Adoptive Parents of Vietnamese Children (APV) List

List Description: Support group for parents who have adopted or are adopting children from Vietnam.

Address for digest version: a-parents-vietnam-digest request @

Instructions: In the body of your e-mail, send the message: subscribe

Cross-Culture Adopt List

List Description: This is a medium-sized listserv addressing issues involved in adopting cross-culturally.

To subscribe: In the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE XCULTUREADOPT YOURNAME, substituting your name for YOURNAME. To leave the list, send the same message, but type SIGNOFF XCULTUREADOPT.

PAC-Post Adopt China

List Description: This listserv is for people who already have adopted from China. We subscribe mainly for information on Chinese culture, and to share parenting stories.

To subscribe: Leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE POST-ADOPT-CHINA YOURNAME substituting your name for YOURNAME. To leave the list, send a message to the same address, however, the message in the body should read SIGNOFF POST-ADOPT-CHINA.


List Description: For discussion of any and all matters pertaining to adopting children from Africa. Adoptive families, adoptees, and anyone involved with adoption from Africa will find topics of interest in this online community. The purpose of this list is to help its members better understand the African adoption experience, and to create a supportive community.

State Mailing Lists

For more information click on the state of your choice






Montana and Wyoming

North and South Carolina

PAFind - Pennsylvania Mailing List


Washington-State-Triad **

** For all triad members searching or reunited in Washington state.
Put in body of message: subscribe wastatetriad and nothing else.

Last updated: 09/07/00

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