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Place Auditor? from Progeny Software

Never under-estimate the power of Place Name Accuracy!


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Have you stopped to consider the importance of place name accuracy when doing your family research?

Not only do place names tell you where your ancestors lived they tell you a whole lot more?

Accurate place names can help you determine geographic locations for further family history research. Correctly spelled place names ensure family history data is accurate, specific, complete and unique especially when you are publishing or sharing your research. Censuses, in particular, require full place names with county included.


What does this mean? Quite simply, Place Auditor can: * Identify inaccurate and incomplete place names * Preview your genealogical data from a Geographical Perspective * Eyeball a GEDCOM file for place name quality and relevance before import.

You could think of Place Auditor as a spellchecker for place names.

Place Auditor will quickly check all the place names in your genealogy database and red-flag incorrect spelling?s or incomplete place names.

Once it has done that, Place Auditor will suggest corrections that you can copy and paste to your genealogy file or that can be printed for later review.

Place Auditor will also give you a new GEOGRAPHICAL perspective ~ allow you to view your research from a geographical standpoint and help you explore new avenues of genealogy research.

With Place Auditor you can easily see all the people that lived in any given region, at a level you choose ~ from a particular town, county, state or country ~ discover new leads based on kinship of location.

Using Place Auditor you will be able to produce a report of all the places in your genealogy database, with people grouped by locality. The report will include a list of errors, which you can conveniently refer to when correcting the data.

How does Place Auditor Work?

Progeny Software has compiled a one-of-a-kind gazetteer (or dictionary) of over THREE-MILLION geographical names from around the world, plus US cemeteries and US churches.

Using this gazetteer, Place Auditor will geo-code, or pinpoint, every location in your genealogy database and identify any place name inaccuracies and incomplete place names.

And as if that wasn?t enough, just as a spellchecker program allows you to add new words to its database, Place Auditor will allow you to CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAZETTEER of place names. So you may easily add locations that no longer exist or add a more personalized description such as Grandpa?s Homestead.

This three-million place name gazetteer is also a powerful stand-alone tool for you to see if a place name currently exists and identify its longitudinal and latitudinal reference points to find it on a map.

For more information on Place Auditor, how it works, and the advantages of accurate place names go to:

Place Auditor is available on CD-ROM and is compatible with the following genealogy file formats: Ancestry Family Tree, Ancestral Quest, Family Tree Maker, Heritage Family Tree Deluxe, Legacy Family Tree, Personal Ancestral File, and GEDCOM 5.5 files (including data with Western European diacritics).

Priced at $34.95US, Place Auditor is only available from Progeny Software

To place your order, please go to:

Source Information: Progeny Software, Inc., New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 2003.

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