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Using Genealogy Toolbars

There are several free web browser toolbars available for downloading off Internet. The toolbar is at the top of your browser window and includes the address bar for typing in URLs, buttons to go back to the last page you were viewing, refresh button and more.


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Do you spend time digging through the Bookmarks or Favorites in your web browser? Or maybe you memorize the URLs for your favorite, most used genealogy web sites. There are several free web browser toolbars available for downloading off Internet. The toolbar is at the top of your browser window and includes the address bar for typing in URLs, buttons to go back to the last page you were viewing, refresh button and more. Each browser has its own design for these.

If you collect toolbars you will soon realize that they are eating into the viewing space on the browser. Select wisely and find one that you like. Some will also allow you to customize the appearance and settings, making it even more personal. It is also a good idea to read the information online about the toolbar before downloading it. Make sure it is compatible with your browser and operating system.

Most people find that the Google toolbar is a good one to use. You can find it at But, you can also add one or more genealogy toolbars to the Google toolbar.

My favorite genealogy toolbar was developed by Tami Glatz who has the Relative Curious blog,; to go directly to the toolbar, You can use the toolbar to quickly link to hundreds of genealogy research areas. They are categorized by areas, type of web page, free genealogy web pages, subscription web pages and even more categories. It is easy to download and use. This toolbar can be used on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. A recent update in December now allows Mac Snow Leopard users to access the toolbar.

Most of the toolbars on Internet that can be used on Safari are as yet not compatible with Snow Leopard. If you use Snow Leopard, consider contacting the designer to express your desire that the toolbar should work on Snow Leopard.

Lisa Louise Cooke who has the Genealogy Gems podcast also has a toolbar. It connects to Genealogy Gems news, video and a lot more. If you are a fan, you will definitely want this toolbar which can be downloaded at

The My Genealogy toolbar at has many categorized links to genealogy websites. It is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

MyHeritage's Family Toolbar,, works as a metasearch of genealogy databases for Windows users. It does not work with Firefox or Safari. However, one that is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and similar is Genoom's Toolbar,

There are toolbars available for genealogical research in foreign countries. If you are researching in England, consider the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society's toolbar at Manchester & Lancashire FHS. It runs on Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Another is Malhamdale Local History Group of Yorkshire, England's toolbar at It is also compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Family Genie toolbar is strictly for Window users (all operating systems). You can download it free at It is supposed to work on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Reports are that it works only with Firefox. also has a toolbar, It has various functions with include your own quick links, your trees on Ancestry and more. If you use Ancestry a good deal, you might want to investigate this toolbar.

As toolbars become popular there will be more designed for genealogists. Also once you decide upon a toolbar, you need to check back occasionally for changes and updates. It's a good thing to use and a quick way to navigate the web.

Source Information: Tracing Lines, New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 2010.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Genealogy Today LLC.

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