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10 Fun Activities for Your Family Reunion

Whether it happens once a year or once every ten years, it's important to gather the branches of your family tree and celebrate the generations – both past and present.


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Whether it happens once a year or once every ten years, it's important to gather the branches of your family tree and celebrate the generations – both past and present. So why not give your family reunion a family history sort of spin?

Below are ten genealogy-themed activities for your next family reunion:

Ancestral fashion show: Invite everyone to dress up in an outfit that once belonged to an ancestor. Have a fashion show and invite each of the participants to tell a story about the person who owned the outfit.

Family mural: Post a large tree family tree where everyone can see it. Invite family members to sign their names, draw pictures, post additions, corrections, etc. The tree will make a great keepsake and can be used to keep up with your growing family.

Family photo display: Ask everyone to bring copies of their favorite family photos and then work them into a display. Your display can follow a theme, e.g. funny pictures, baby pictures, or "guess the ancestor."

Family trivia quiz: Print a trivia game with questions about your common ancestors. For example you might ask, "What was Grandpa Moss' favorite cookie?" or "Where did Aunt Polly first meet Uncle Chester?" Give prizes to the attendees who answer all of the questions correctly.

Heirloom decorations: Have everyone bring a family heirloom (nothing too delicate) to share with everyone else. This is the perfect way to learn more about your ancestors.

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Photo placemat: Go through your old family photos and make them into a placemat. Include fun facts about each of the ancestors pictured on the placemat.

Pick a significant location: A meaningful location, like an ancestral family home, can provide the perfect atmosphere for your reunion. You might also consider a living history museum or similar location.

Story hour: Invite grandparents to host a story hour. It might be interesting for the younger children to hear what life was like when their grandparents were growing up.

Take pictures: In addition to pictures for the family scrapbook, take individual headshots of everyone in attendance. Later you'll be able to create a family phone and address directory complete with current photos.

Vintage games: Have the older generations teach the younger ones to play old-fashioned games like jacks, marbles, or hopscotch.

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