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Thank you for visiting the [website] web site[and]. As part of an annual review process, we are sending this email to verify that [email] is still your preferred address for receiving genealogy related materials. If it is NOT, please reply to this message, inserting your preferred email address at the top of the message area, and we will update our records accordingly.

Since your last visit in [subyear], we have added a significant amount of new information, including free and subscription-based transcriptions, along with hundreds of helpful articles and book reviews to Genealogy Today. Our message boards have also grown significantly, and were recently upgraded, making them easier for our community of 85,000+ members to search through and reply online. If you have a brick wall ancestor, take a few moments and post a query. Visit[recno]-A

In 2010, we launched The Genealogy News service - available in a daily or weekly edition - that will get delivered right to your email inbox. Over 30,000 genealogists have signed up to receive this FREE service that highlights items published at Genealogy Today, along with news stories from top genealogy bloggers and publishers. Signup at[recno]-B

We look forward to assisting with your research in the future, and you can expect to see even more unique and exclusive data posted on our web site in the months ahead.

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