Kristin Brandt

Articles Contributed
  • All About U.S. Cemetery Records
  • Locality Survey is a Must
  • The Poor Law Act of 1601 and How It Applies to British Family Research
  • Using and Preserving Family Photographs
  • Finding Native Origins Using Records on this Side of the Ocean
  • All Entries of the Surname
  • A Short History of Parish Registers in England and Wales
  • The Surviving 1890 U.S. Federal Census
  • Insight on Interviewing Elderly Relatives This Season
  • Brush Up on Your Paleography Skills
  • Using U.S. Voter Registration Information to Track 20th-century Ancestors
  • The Basics of England's Civil Registration
  • The Value of U.S. Land Deeds
  • Recording Source Details—-A Reminder

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