Mindy Lunt

Articles Contributed
  • Working with Swedish Probates
  • The Digitized Records of the Dutch
  • Danish Records in the Midwest
  • Fortunate to be Finnish
  • Civil Registration in Sweden
  • Norway's Vast Historical Resources
  • Norwegian Sources on the Net
  • Ethnic Newspapers
  • Internet Helps for International Research
  • Tips and Tricks for Finding Government Records Online
  • Online Research Repositories for Sweden
  • Beyond the Microfilm: Denmark’s Archives, Libraries, and Historical Societies
  • Denmark’s Military Levying Rolls
  • Probing Scandinavian Probate Records: Understanding Denmark’s Rural Jurisdictions
  • Time-Saving Research Strategies
  • Finding the Treasure in Having a Humble Scandinavian Family
  • Probing Scandinavian Probates: Norway
  • The Norwegian Bygdabok
  • Deciphering Scandinavian Gothic Script
  • Which Jens Hansen is Mine: Overcoming the Scandinavian Naming Nightmare
  • Making Sense of the Danish Census
  • The Scandinavian Emigration Experience
  • Using U.S. Sources to Trace Your Scandinavian Roots
  • Patronymics: Help Not Hindrance
  • A Lesson in Early American Geography
  • Vital Records in Scandinavia

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