Rebecca Baggaley

Articles Contributed
  • Understanding 'Delayed' Birth Certificates
  • Passports: Not Just in the Twentieth Century
  • Successful Research Trips Part 4: When You Come Home
  • Successful Research Trips Part 3: When You Go
  • Successful Research Trips Part 2: What to Bring
  • Successful Research Trips Part I: Planning Ahead
  • The 'New' Social History and its Connections to Genealogy
  • Finding Female Ancestors
  • Estimating Marriage and Birth Dates
  • Genealogy Can Be Fun! 24 Ideas to Share Your Research with Your Family
  • A Butcher, a Baker, a Candlestick Maker?
  • Probate Records: Tips and Pitfalls
  • Special Census Schedules, Part II: Agriculture, Manufacturers, Veterans and Slave Schedules
  • Special Census Schedules, Part I: Mortality Schedules
  • Using City Directories to Find Other Genealogical Records
  • Using a Chronology to Organize Your Research
  • Tips for Searching Newspapers
  • Ideas for Adding Pictures to Scrapbooks or Family Histories

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