Rita Marshall

Articles Contributed
  • Mystery Membership: Europeans, Basques and Genetics
  • Researching NARA With the Online Public Access Prototype
  • Y-Chromosome Adam: Father of all Fathers
  • A Genealogical Friend in Need: Where To Find (and Give) Genealogical Help Online
  • Preparing for the Release of the 1940 Census
  • Depression, War, Waffle Irons, Controversy: The World of the 1940 Census
  • Cooking (and Eating) History: Beyond Grandma’s Recipes
  • Getting Even More Out of Google: Using Google Reader and Alerts for your Genealogy Research
  • Edible Genealogy for the Holidays: How To Track Down and Revive Old Family Favourites
  • Getting More Out of Google: Using Search, Images and News Archive for Your Genealogy Research
  • Mini-Family Histories for the Holidays
  • Come on, Pilgrim: Finding Your Roots in Thanksgiving
  • Figuring Out Soundex
  • Test Your Genealogy Word Power
  • SNPs and Snails: What is your deep ancestry?
  • America’s Famous Family Tree: Are you one of the 100 million members?
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Genealogy Tourism in the USA
  • Why Should I Go to a Genealogy Conference?
  • Sons and Daughters of Genealogy: Joining a Lineage Society
  • April Fooled: Three Hoaxes That Make Jokes out of Genealogical Research
  • Are You Ready to Go Pro? Achieving a Certification in Genealogy
  • Research me, I'm Irish: Five Tips for Tracing Irish Ancestry
  • The Ten Questions of the 2010 Census: What They're Asking and Why
  • Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Census Taker?
  • Is It Time for Overseas Help? Working with a Foreign Researcher
  • Three Reasons You Need Local History Books
  • National Family History Day: Do a Different Genealogy Search This Thanksgiving
  • What Amelia Earhart Can Teach You About Family Mysteries
  • FamilySearch Indexing: Want Free Indexed Records Online? Become a Volunteer and Help Create Them.
  • Mining for Genealogical Information in Federal Records
  • Research Room Etiquette: What to Bring and What to Do in Archives or Library Research Rooms
  • Instead of Searching the Internet, Have the Internet Search for You: Starting a Genea-Blog
  • Digging Through History’s Pages: Using Newspapers and Other Periodicals to Find Ancestors
  • Getting Past the Native Ancestry Block: Can DNA Testing Break Through the Wall?
  • Beyond the Paper Trail: Discovering Family History with Different DNA Tests
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