Terry Prall

Articles Contributed
  • Collateral Ancestors: Researching siblings, in-laws, and other family members
  • Double Checking Your Files: You Never Know What Vital Details You May Have Overlooked the First Time Around
  • Family Histories and Compiled Genealogies: Researcher - Proceed With Caution!
  • Baseball and Genealogy: Linking Generations Together
  • Adventures in Problem Solving: The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy
  • When Were They Born? Determining the Date When the Sources Don't Agree
  • Genealogy Research Trips: Advantages of Going to the Sources
  • You Know It's Time to Double Check Your Sources When . . .
  • Family Stories, Lore, and Legends: Trying to Sort Out the Facts
  • County Histories and Biographical Records: Potential Goldmines of Information

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