The Human Side of Genealogy

The Human Side of Genealogy

Stories about the complex process of coming to terms with what one discovers in genealogy.

Inlaws' Love Letters
Perhaps few genealogists treasure their inlaws' love letters, but my friend Mae does.

The members of my family tree who intrigue me the most are the ones I know the least about!

Royal Bloodlines: Often a Bloody Matter
For royals, unlike most of us, genealogy has been a matter of life or death, fame and good or ill fortune.

A Family Farewell to Arms
Niall Ferguson's The Pity of War pitilessly details the multiple gross blunders of European diplomats and statesmen.

Glimpsing History through Fiction
Mario Puzo's early novel The Fortunate Pilgrim remained its author's own favorite work.

The Whole Truth About Amalia
I wish I had been old enough to know Amalia, however, for she had led a very full life, being thrice wed.

The Mary Gordon Story
Even while growing up with your natural parents, experiencing the loss of a parent in your youth can create a similar hunger for such truths.

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