Turning Over New Leaves


by Judy Sander Cockrell

You've probably seen this one before, and like me, hung around to "chat" for a while. Is anybody home? Does anybody really chat here?? Seems like somebody blew a whistle, and everybody went home. Hello?

This site is really a good one. You just have to give it a chance. There are a lot of regulars that "stop by" to check the submissions, and, trust me, they know their stuff. I start my day there, and end my day there. I feel like I know these people.

The trick: be patient.

The regulars that you will get to know are fun. They tease each other, and goof off, talk about the weather, their kids, their dogs. but don't let them fool ya. They know a lot. And they will share it.

A few things that you will need to remember to get the most out of this site:

And while your there... tell 'em Judy in Texas says "Hi!"

Visit genchat.genealogy.org today!

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