Turning Over New Leaves

Heritage Pursuit

by Judy Sander Cockrell

Today, we are going to Ohio, no, on second thought let's try Germany. How about both? This next site is a remarkable place to visit and find your family in either! Lots of links and the music will put you in the right mood for either!

Allen Potts and his wife Susan, are both retired, but must be busier than ever trying to keep this web site up. Seems as though Allen grew up next to a cemetery, and unlike most kids his age spent many boyhood hours copying the headstones, checking the local cemetery records, reading the obituaries and looking up marriage records for everybody he recorded.

Allen, it seems, was a genealogist waiting to happen. As his interests grew, and the years went by, he found himself working on his wife's genealogy from Germany. Apparently a great number of Germans imigrated to Marion County Ohio as well as its surrounding counties, and Allen intended to record them... all 5,000 of them!

Gosh Allen, what exactly do you do in your spare time? Ha!

Speaking of spare time, grab a little of your own, turn up the volume and follow me to Heritage Pursuit!

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