Turning Over New Leaves

Haunted Jefferson, Texas

by Judy Sander Cockrell

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Jefferson, a small and very historic town a couple of hours east of Fort Worth. Oh, and by the way, Jefferson has the reputation of being the most haunted town in all of Texas. A pretty big brag for such a little city.

Of course, I couldn't get there fast enough after hearing of the hauntings that so many have experienced. I decided to stay at the Excelsior Hotel in downtown Jefferson. Maybe just a coincidence that it is coined as the most haunted hotel in the city of Jefferson. And, of course, I stayed in what is said to be the most haunted room in the hotel... one can never be too careful.

During the entire stay at the Excelsior, I felt as if I were on a boat. It seems as though the entire building is a tad leaning towards the back. It made me rather dizzy at first, until I got used to it. Not an easy thing to describe, obviously, but trust me on this one. Rockers have been known to suddenly rock, clawfoot bathtubs suddenly stop running water, only to have the sink begin to flow. Knocking noises in the walls, and footsteps through the halls are just a few of the true stories I read about in the journal that I found in my room.

If you are just lucky enough to have any family diggins in Marion county Texas, then Jefferson is the place to be.

The museum/historical society is one of the best I have ever seen. The oakwood cemetery, although a little tricky to find, was a genealogy dream come true. One of the most captivating memorials to be found there is of a woman named "diamond bessie." I will write more about her in an upcoming article.

I never did see any ghosts during my visit to Jefferson, but I won't say that a couple of pictures I took seemed to include an uninvited guest.

If you would like to see my pictures, just email me, and I will be glad to share.

Jefferson, and the Excelsior Hotel were full of ghostly ambiance. An experience I will not soon forget.

Even when I arrived back home, the dog scratched on my office door, and I about hit the ceiling. I guess I brought a little of the "spook" back with me. Whew! You can take a cyber tour of the hotel by clicking on the link below.

Visit the The Excelsior Hotel web site.

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