Family Closet Award of Excellence

Don Marsh
(1948 - 2000)

He will be greatly missed by his friends and his family

He started his genealogy when his first son was born in 1968. His love for genealogy and the Internet is evident in his vast web site, ROADKILL & Other Goodies. There you'll find Genealogy, Humor, Politics, Jokes, News You Can Use, Cancer Information, Gripes, Complaints, Poetry, Wildlife Art and some Miscellaneous Zany pages.

Don Marsh, 1999 "For over thirty years, I've researched the McCLAIN family. In February of 1992, I started a small quarterly publication called McCLAIN EXCHANGE. It is now in its seventh year and we have already published 1080 pages of information on the McCLAIN family.

I have discontinued publication of the quarterly because of my health, but I'm quite proud of what I accomplished while it was being published." - Don Marsh

One of the many projects Don instituted was the Family Closet awards. He did so with the purpose of promoting genealogy and encouraging better quality in genealogy web site design and content. Using his strict award criteria, Don, with the help of his wife, Sue, set out to find those sites which stood out among the many cookie cutter creations.

"My husband passed away on January 01, 2000. He wanted to see the millennium, which he did, passing in the early morning hours at 1:42:30 a.m. All of my family loved him very much." - Sue Marsh

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