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Sibling Power

by Dorothy Barr

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and I live in Ontario, Canada.

This really happened to me One day my sister and I had arranged to meet after work for dinner. Since I finish work earlier than her, I said that she could meet me at the provincial archives which are really close to where she works.

I was looking for my great grandfathers brother in a census as I knew the town he was living in. My sister walked in just as I found the entry. I was going to print just that portion of the page.

She said wait a minute look at this... further down the page was a Rosanna Schwartz. We knew my greatgrandfather had a sister named Rosanna which was not a common name in the 1800's. My sister had remembered an elderly lady telling us that one of the sisters had married a Schwartz.

I had not remembered that piece of information and would not even have printed that piece of the page had my sister not shown up at precisely that time.

In addition since I had to scroll further down the page to get the entire family in the area that would print we found my great-grandfather's mother as well (she was another Rosanna).

Submitted:  Sun Feb 1 14:38:23 1998

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