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A Kind Man Finds My Pearl

by Kristin Rumble

My e-mail address is
and I live in Indiana.

This really happened to me I had been having some difficulty researching the family of my ggrandmother Pearl McKissick.

For almost three years, I could only locate one census record-in Oklahoma, where most of my family is from-, listing her parents names, state of birth (couldn't pinpoint county), and siblings.

I recently received an e-mail from a kind man in MA whose grandmother was Edith McKissick, Pearl's sister. Among the tremendous information he shared with me, he sent a photo of my grgrandmother Pearl-the only one I have, with several other "unidentified people". The photo was about 60 years old and only had "Aunt Pearl Mckissick" noted on the back.

I most certainly could identify the other people! Other than Pearl McKissick, pictured were my grandmother, grandfather, uncle and my three-year-old father! The mother of this man in Mass. (daughter of the sister Edith McKissick) had this picture for years and never knew who the other people were-until then, she never knew where it came from, where it was taken, or why she had it. She had never known any of her Oklahoma relatives.

My father passed away recently -- I sent the picture to my mother who couldn't have been happier. I will always appreciate the kindness of this man in MA.

Submitted:  Fri Mar 6 23:11:20 1998

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