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Two Woman Tending a Plot

by Fran Miller

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This really happened to me I've never known my natural father's family, only that his father was born in Shenendoah, Pa.

This past Memorial Day we were on our way home from Colorado. We happened to see an exit for Shenendoah as we drove up I 81. Knowing I would never get this chance again, my husband insisted we stop for a tour of the cemeteries.

We stopped in town to inquire about the cemeteries, and were directed up the hill to the polish cemetery. Upon arriving at the hilltop, we found a very large cemetery, fenced off into smaller plots. I quickly ran around the first, while my hubby walked the poor dog.

Upon arriving in the second cemetery I spied two woman tending a plot. deciding to ask their advice for finding my family, I approached and asked if they were from that town. Much to my surprise, they indicated that they no longer lived there, but had grown up there, and knew it's cemeteries very well.

One of the women indicated that she now lived on Long Island, where I am originally from. Imagine my shock when she volunteered that she now lived in the very town I had grown up in. This while we were at least 4 hours away from that town.

They directed me to the uppermost cemetery, and with that we began our search in that area. We walked perhaps twenty minutes, and it seemed apparent that my family was not to be found. I was almost ready to give it up, then I heard my husband call from the front of the area.

I ran over, only to find my family-in fact, my great-grandmother and her husband, in this ancient Polish cemetery surrounded by graves of my present surname, which is Miller -- not very Polish!

Was this just coincidence? I think not!

Submitted:  Wed May 27 18:47:22 1998

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