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Hurry... The Church is Moving!

by James Gilbert

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and I live in Allentown, PA.

This really happened to me While sitting at home one night, a cousin called concerning a church in Gilbert, PA that was being moved to California, that appeared in a local paper. Thinking I might be interested in the village of Gilbert, as this is my surname, I thanked him, then looked up the article.

Later that week, with a recent snowfall, I and another cousin traveled to Gilbert. After finding some Gilbert graves that I could not account for, I made my way to the rear side of the old cemetery. Where I happened across 2 graves bearing the name KERCHNER (the surname of the cousin who was responsible for this trip to begin with). I decided what the heck, and clicked 2 photos of each stone; and jotted the information contained on them into my notebook.

Upon returning home, I called my cousin to see if he could link these two Kerchners into his extensive research on that name. Sure enough they fit. Only at that time it was believed that they traveled out west, not north.

Turns out what started as a search for Gilberts, ended up helping the cousin that thought I might find Gilberts, never did we expect to find any of his family. He later made a trip up, and found some more members.

Submitted:  Fri Jul 17 22:52:22 1998

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