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Thesis? Genealogy? How About Both!

by Kenneth Wilmarth

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This really happened to me My son, who has the same name as I, was writing a thesis for . a degree at UCLA. He was quoting a paper by a research worker at UNLV. He had a question about the paper, so he telephoned the man and asked that he call him back.

The man called back right away, and asked my son "I want to know about your parents. My son thought that was funny so he said "Well, they were married, if that means anything."

The Professor said asked, "Were they from Pennsylvania? "My son said, "my father was". The man said, "I'm your cousin". It turned out that he was my first cousin, and that he had a lot of information about the family that I didn't have.

Submitted:  Sat Oct 3 23:43:26 1998

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