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A Real Stick in the Mud

by Bonnie Pillers

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and I live in Clinton Iowa.

This really happened to me When I first started genealogy my dad and I went to the Cemetery in which my Grandmother was buried. I'd never been to her grave site before so he was going to take me there and show me where she was buried.

It was a rainy day and a dirt road led to her grave. We checked out the spot where he thought she was buried, but we couldn't find it. We decided to leave and come back when it was nicer weather. On the way out we got stuck in the mud on the road, we could not move forword or backword. My dad's truck slid sideways and we were not going anywhere.

I got out and just started looking at some graves, looked down at one and it was my Grandmother's. The truck had slid and pointed right at it.

Submitted:  Sun Feb 28 19:30:07 1999

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