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Gag Order Not Observed by Ancestor

by Mickey Paulson Aranki

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and I live in Humble, Texas.

This really happened to me I never knew my grandfather, Robert Lee Paulson. My grandmother Mamie Eaves had married then divorced him twice. My father would not talk about him and wouldn't let anyone else mention him. Even the two pictures of him in my grandmother's picture box had the faces scratched out by my father when he was a boy.

When my oldest daughter was born in 1977, I was bitten by the genealogy "bug" and realized that I had to find out about my Paulson side. Dad had passed away in 1971 and I still felt disloyal to try to contact his father, but looked him up in the phone book and called. I was so nervous that I didn't ask the kind of questions that I should, he was so excited to talk to me and begged me to come to see him.

Later that evening, my mother called, very upset and told me that my grandfather's current wife had called and requested that we leave him alone, he had children with her and she never wanted them to know that their father had been married before. I dropped my quest on the spot.

A couple of years ago I spent the day with one of my brothers looking up records in the Houston Library and discovered that they had old city directories stored in another building, upon searching we located Robert Paulson's grandfather's last address in 1923 and several addresses for Robert and other Paulson family members.

We drove out to try to locate the houses, the ggrandfather's house was no longer there, a business located in it's place. We decided to drive out to the last address we had for Robert.

As we came to the freeway exit there was a large cemetery to our left and we decided to check the office for any Paulsons. He was the only one in the hugh cemetery and buried just across the driveway from the office! With no information to go on it was like we were led to him.

Since then I have found his family going back to the 1830's in Alabama but still have not learned anything about his subsequent family.

Submitted:  Sat Apr 17 01:12:56 1999

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