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Searching for Warren Hatcher

Warren Hatcher
Posted by glenz75
Posted: October 17, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
Warren and I were both at Rathkeale College in Masterton from the years 1989-1991. He was in Levin with some foster parents at that stage, but was boarding in Repton House as I was too. I left Rathkeale in 1991 and went to a local school. Warren stayed on at Rathkeale until 7th form I think. During that time he did come and stay at my folks place a couple of times. The last time I saw him was in 1993,94, we met up in Wellington for lunch. I have not heard or seen him since. I'd like to hear from him again if he is still around. He may even be overseas now I'm not sure. England perhaps?? Age (approximate): 25- Last seen: Wellington Levin? (Category: Friends)
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