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James C. Aucoin Rae
Posted by BusterYK
Posted: November 17, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
Born 11-3-68 in Phoenix,Arizona by James C. Aucoin III. Name change to James C. Rae, mother Kathryn Ryderburg Aucoin Rae(DOB June/stepfather,Joeseph Rae(1/2000).Bio-dad James C Aucoin Jr, stepmom, Catherine Booth Aucoin & a 20 yr old sis, Amber S Aucoin. After the death of his faternal grandmother, Ida F. Dwyer Aucoin (Jan 1984) he went back to live with his mother in Tucson, Arizona. He did a very short stint in the Navy, stationed in Honnalulu, Hawaii. Mom's brother is Edward Ryderbuerg(berg) with poss. last known where abouts Houston, TX. There are several contacts are as follows Ken Aucoin (uncle) 1-225-567-3656 JC or Cathie Aucoin 1-225-695-3656 or 1-985-345-0035 Amber Aucoin 1-985-974-6500 Chuck Booth 1-830-774-1975 (Recieved his first bow from this uncle) Janet Booth 1-515-359-2660 (Category: Missing Pers)
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