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Searching for Robin Fairbanks

Robin Fairbanks
Posted by Look4mom
Posted: December 16, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
I am looking for my mother. Her name is Robin Rae Fairbanks, she has also used white and templeton for last names. she is 5'10", always about 130-140, probablys less now. she has naturally brown hair, usually kept longer than her shoulders. she has a tatoo on her ankle. its a vine connecting to a heart on the inside. the heart has a J and a N for my sister and i. she was last heard from in 1997, and she was in washington state. however, i think that she went back to california or nevada. she always loved those states. we have lived all over california, and in reno. she loves, or loved, old rock, like acdc, stuff like that. she loved to party and have fun. if you know her or see her or even know how to get a message to her please tell her, i love you and i miss you so much. i just want to see you. i know that a lot has happend and that you are probably mad and jenny and me, but we do love you. we only wanted to help. we miss you and we need our mom... if you have any information on Robin Faribanks, please e-mail me at MNPNRT@AOL.COM thank you for your help in trying to find my mother. (Category: Missing Pers)
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