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Searching for Jeremy Fowler

Jeremy Fowler
Posted by 5377422
Posted: February 13, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
Jeremy was last seen on Monday February 4, 2002 in Groton Connecticut. Height: 6'2" weight: 185 lbs Hair: Blonde/Light Brown Eyes: Blue May be driving a blue 1990 Ford Mustand 2 dr Temporary License Plate #1792610 Identifying Features: Full Back Tatoo of a Phoenix Rising from Ashes (as of Dec 2001 this was only an outling however he may have had it completed by now) Both Nipples Pierced Large Dark Mole in Right Armpit Very outgoing and can be daring. Has a sweet spot for the ladies. Sometimes carries an arrogant air around. Dresses mainly jeans or in khaki's Has good taste in dress. ANY information will be helpful. Family is just concerned for his safety. We are not aware if he left on his own freewill or not. So you've seen someone meeting this description on the street in a restaruant please let us know We want to know that he is okay. (Category: Missing Pers)
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