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Searching for Marilyn Nelson

Marilyn Nelson
Posted by Mizqb
Posted: January 12, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
Female, approximatly 5'3 to 5'5, red hair. Age aprox. 47 to 52. Born in Clute or Lake Jackson, Texas. Had 3 children, 2 girls (Mary and Patsy) 1 boy (Tom). Marilyn worked with me at an employee leasing company in the Woodlands, Texas and later moved to Florida, to trade commodities. Last information was that she was moving back to Texas. I am Karen Steen. Marilyn and I were friends and the vagaries of life have caused us to loose touch. Any information on her well being would be appreciated. I am trying to get in touch. You may email me at (Category: Missing Pers)
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