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Searching for Naomi BAIRD

Posted by Bigoldskank
Posted: September 25, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
HER: Naomi Baird. At least when we were kids this applied: White, extremely intelligent, brown hair, blue eyes?, very outgoing, lively, active, and also a bit troubled over certain things. Lived in the far northeastern Illinois area, a far north Chicago suburb, 20 min drive from Wisconsin state line, in the approximate years of 1985, 1986 and/or 1987. She was 11 years old. Dad was in Navy. Mom was housewife/stay at home parent. The mom often knitted outfits for Barbie Dolls. Naomi had a cat and a large dog, maybe a Great Dane, named "Fritz." They later moved from the house directly across from mine to another a few blocks away in the same neighborhood. Due to family circumstances Naomi and her mother moved in with a granparent somewhere in Georgia. Naomi and I kept in touch via letter writing until her family returned to the area when I was 13 and she was 14. That should have been about 1989 or so. They took up residence in Wisconsin, not far from the state line between Illinois and Wisconsin. She came to visit me, invited me to church, I did not go to her church with her. The family left without allowing her to give me contact information. I know she had my number as she called me to set up the visit (the house still has the exact same telephone number!). The family left and I never heard from Naomi again. Often spent the night at my house. Especially in the summer. We both attended Little Fort Elementary School. I would really like to know what happened to her and why she never made any attempt to speak to me again. I missed her profoundly as a young teen and as the years waned so did the longing for her presence, but what has never left is the confusion as to why she never spoke to me again. Basically I was worried about her physical safety and at the very least would like to know if she's okay. And of course I'd like to get back in touch. It may seem odd after so much time, but so far Naomi was the best friend I've had and I'd like to see if that could still hold up. Me: Marie. Then and now: White, tall, blue-eyed, brown-haired, and a bit on the chubby side. THEN: I dad a black mongrel dog named Cindy. A little brother. We dressed him up once like a girl and paraded him around the neighborhood. My mom was/IS half-native American. My dad was bearded (not bearded now), overweight, and white (sort of resembles a biker). If she's somehow reading this: Probably I'm the only one you associate with this: You read my diary, I put you in a choke hold for an extended period of time while consumed by a blind irrational rage (sorry). We used to play Barbies a lot and we often swan in my parents above ground pool. You once accidentally hit my brother in the head with a baseball bat. We became friends basically by you coming over, asking to speak to me, you announced I was your new best friend, and then you almost immediately ran back across the street. You came back to the area when you were about 14. Said you came back to be near me? That probably was something I shouldn't of taken literally. You came to vist once. I talked a lot about my friend Sophia. You also had other good friends here. Crickett Murphy and Annette. I remember you wanted to be an astronaut or at least attend some sort of kids space camp thingy. You used the word "disgusting" quite a lot. I think that's all I remember. (Category: Missing Pers)
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