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Searching for David (Allen?) Hamilton

David (Allen?) Hamilton
Posted by Annah
Posted: January 13, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
David Hamilton was possibly a DJ or radio station technician of some sort, in Indianapolis in 1950. He liked to sing. He MIGHT have liked to drink (no offense intended). I believe the station would have been located near a restaurant called the Canary Cottage...where both Evelyn Margaret Brialmont and Jeanne Holmes may have worked. He may be may father- Evelyn is my mother. Was. Unfortunately, due to trauma suffered in her own childhood, she wasn't exactly prepared to cope with an intimate relationship....and thus, when they parted, under whatever circumstances - she finding that she was pregnant perhaps later....she did not continue contact with David. Whether or not he knew- or my potential existence- well, I have several versions, none from reliable sources. He may be deceased now- but that will never stop me from wishing to know what he was like, he is after all- 50% of my genetic make-up, and there are quite a few attributes that don't hail from my maternal family. If you're reading this- and can shed ANY light on the subject- I'd be most appreciative.....If you've ever experienced the "missing link syndrome", you know the curiosity/drive never ends- and nothing short of knowing can ever appease the appetite to know- or fill that empty space. Thanks for your help. (Category: Missing Pers)
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If this is NOT the DAVID (ALLEN?) HAMILTON that you're looking for, then create a new query for DAVID (ALLEN?) HAMILTON


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