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Searching for Paula (maiden name) Egan

Paula (maiden name) Egan
Posted by Skeeter0815
Posted: December 16, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
i am looking for a woman named paula egan, we went to school together until we were in the 7th grade. in Ecorse MI. and in River Rouge MI. then she moved to indiana, and i lost her address after my family moved, she should be around 35 years old now. i have been searching for her for 22 years now. she has a sister named freda and a baby brother i dont know his name. i only knew her parents as mr. mrs egan i do know that her mother could not read and never could learn. if there is someone out there that knows of her where abouts i would be forever greatful. again her name is Paula Jane Egan and we were best friend until about the end of 7th grade. thank you again. (Category: Missing Pers)
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If this is NOT the PAULA (MAIDEN NAME) EGAN that you're looking for, then create a new query for PAULA (MAIDEN NAME) EGAN


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