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Searching for Cindy Murphy

Cindy Murphy
Posted by Jtrimble62
Posted: January 2, 2003
The Missing Persons Register
I am looking for an old high school sweetheart named Cynthia Dawn Murphy. She was born in Georgia between 1964 to 1967. She has one older sister, parents are divorced. She attended Wayne Country Day School in Goldsboro, North Carolina around 1981-1982. She has vision problems and my be condidered legaly blind. Her mother and she lived with Tom Dunnigan (not sure about spelling of last name) in Goldsboro, NC 1981-1982. She may have moved back to Georgia. Any help would be appreciated, I've been trying to find her for years. (Category: Missing Pers)
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If this is NOT the CINDY MURPHY that you're looking for, then create a new query for CINDY MURPHY


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