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Searching for or COOK,THOMAS ???My father??? BROOKS

or COOK,THOMAS ???My father??? BROOKS
Posted by 311972
Posted: February 5, 2003
The Missing Persons Register
Hello, my name is Lora.J.McCloy. I am 30 years old, I was born on march 1st, 1972 in Phillipsburgh, Pennsylvania.My mother's name was Marilyn lee williams (chomas) at the time of my birth and her friend's name was Goldie M. Sarber.I was told that my father had a wife and a family at the time of my birth, and I could possibly have siblings, perhaps, brothers.I was also told that my father could of been a truck driver.The only name i was given was Thomas cook or brooks. I have a family of my own now, and two beautiful daughters.But I would love to meet my father still to this day, and perhaps meet his family and my half siblings.Life is so short and family is so important, Please if anyone has any information...please get in touch with me!!! thank- you, any information will be greatly appreciated! (Category: Missing Pers)
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Re: or COOK,THOMAS ???My father??? BROOKS
Posted by samedifference31
Posted: 4:59am April 7, 2018
Lora my name is joshua brooks and thomas brooks was my grandfather he was a truck driver from north carolina and i have been digging awfully hard here of late to unravel some of my tangled family tree.. I do believe this is who you speak of as all the information is spot on. Please email me @ thanks and i do hope i can help
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If this is NOT the OR COOK,THOMAS ???MY FATHER??? BROOKS that you're looking for, then create a new query for OR COOK,THOMAS ???MY FATHER??? BROOKS


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