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Jane Avery Latham
Posted by dell410 (non-member)
Posted: November 7, 1998
Family Tree Climbers
b May 4, 1821 Norton County, England d Mar 5, 1910 Lincoln, CA m Jun 17, 1845 to John de bas COOK in Worcester, England Mother: Jane AVERY Father: John LATHAM Chi: Baron Francis Charles COOK, born March 17, 1855 in Detroit, Michigan. Jane LATHAM was the third of eight children.Some died during childbirth, the living were John, Jane, Mary, Betsey, Thomas,and Olen LATHAM. Jane LATHAM lived in Regent Square, London until she eloped from her boarding school with John De Bas COOK on June 17, 1845. They migrated to Canada in 1850, moved to Detroit, Michigan where Baron Francis Charles COOK was born in 1855. (orig. post 4/98)
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