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Searching for bobby barnett

bobby barnett
Posted by Familymember74
Posted: December 15, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
I am looking for Bobby Ray Barnett, he is about 46 yrs. old, around 6'3" tall, blue eyes, blond to light brown hair. Has a small gap in his front teeth. This is my uncle and he was last seen by family members in Ca. in 94. His mother has recently developed a heart condition and she would really like to see him. We are beginning to fear the worst, we have tried several free and paid searches, absolutely no leads. He is gay and was known to frequent bars within walking distance of his apartments. He also moved quite often, mostly from Texas to Ca. If you know him or think that you can help my family in anyway at all please contact me (Category: Missing Pers)
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If this is NOT the BOBBY BARNETT that you're looking for, then create a new query for BOBBY BARNETT


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