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kismet patton
Posted by Zorton
Posted: December 15, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
hello, i´m looking for an old old girlfriend i had 6 years ago. i met her in spain, whre i live.i´ve lost the last adress i have from her,and i think that the same have happen to her, cause we don´t have notices from each other from 2 years. her complete name is Kismet Jane PATTON, and she was living in a town called League City, in TX i think. i also now that maybe she was working in a harbour near there, a a yachts port. if you know her actually adress or e-mail, or phone, i´ll be very pleased and i will thank you your help forever. thank you for for help. she´s blond, and she´s now 22years, borned on february of 78 i think. her father´s name is james Patton, her mother who died long time ago was jane. she speak portuguese and spanish fluently, heve lived some years in portugal and in sspain, in seville where i live. she had a sailor called PATTON (her father´s.) her father is married now with a portuguese woman called maria. another important thing: her father was militar. i think she´s not living now with him. (Category: Missing Pers)
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