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Searching for Darin Alexander

Darin Alexander
Posted by Camelion
Posted: December 15, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON My husband left the house on 10/23/01 to apply for work. He has not returned since. The next day I found his car parked at the bus station with a note to me in the visor. He wrote that he was not good enough, he would remember the good times, he felt very bad and that he loves me. Darin has never just up and left before. My local police still want to talk to him as they fear for his emotional well being. His first wife stated that he has threatened suicide repeatedly. He took NOTHING of his belongings or pictures of his kids, important papers or clothing. Darin has made no contact with relatives, not even his mother or favorite aunt. Considering the state of depression and violent headaches, I fear he may be suffering from confusion, memory loss, etc. Darin is a 37 year old, black male, 6'0, 260lbs, balding black hair and brown eyes. He is missing a first molar upper tooth on both sides. On the day he disappeared, Darin was wearing black dress pants, white dress shirt with dark blue pull over sweater. My main goal is to hear that he is alive and well. I am satisfied with just that. No questions asked. I need closure in one form or another. If his reasons are good bad or indifferent, I love him always. (Category: Missing Pers)
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