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Searching for SALLY plus married name LAND

SALLY plus married name LAND
Posted by Washdcwwii
Posted: December 15, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
I knew a Sally Land in Washington D.C. during World War II. She worked for the government as did many girls from all over U.S. She was from Raleigh, North Carolina and her sister, a few years older or younger, was working in D.C. with her. She visited the same USO I did every weekend and I took her out. I was out of money when I left Washington to go aboard a ship and she put $40 in my uniform coat pocket. I never got to thank her because I knew where she lived but did not know the address of the street and had no address in Raleigh. I thought of her often and the last l0 years tried to locate her using the internet, private investigators, a check of Social Security records, marriage records in the county Raleigh is in. Neither she nor her sister appear in any of these. I wrote to everyone in Raleigh named LAND and no results. If you knew her, know her married name, know her now, please e mail me or call me and let me know. I would like to see her again wherever she lives and hope she would want to see me. I would love to share what paths we both took, thank her for her generosity when I sorely needed it. I am a widower the past year. Perhaps she is a widow and we could test those waters with each other. I will be forever grateful for any help you can give, even if you can only tell me she had died. (Category: Missing Pers)
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