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Searching for Robert Ward

Robert Ward
Posted by 5567
Posted: May 27, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
I am searching for my father who left us when I was 5. Dad mom explained everything to me & I don't blame you for leaving. But that was 30 yrs ago, please come home. I have always hoped & prayed you'd come home. But you didn't, so I'm coming looking. Your name is Robert Fredrick Ward, born on the east coast of Canada. You moved to Hamilton, Ontario where you married my mother Evonne. Mom has 3 siblings: Uncle Frank (PG), Aunt Vickey (big woman) & Aunt Loretta (youngest). Aunt Vickey's oldest girl is named after Aunt Loretta, but we called her "Boo". Your leaving had nothing to do with me, and I now know that, so please come back. Dad I have 2 children who would love to meet you. Please stop punishing me for something I had no control over. If you left because of me, then please come back & give me your forgiveness. You are greatly loved and missed. You will always be my Daddy. In 30 years no man has been able to take your place. The words "this is my dad" hasn't crossed my lips in 30 yrs, except when showing your picture. That's right Dad, I still have that picture of you & I in the photo booth at Woolco's on King Street in Hamilton, across from Gore Park. You know where the city buses all start their routes from. Well Dad, I've taken up enopugh of your time. If you have as much love for me, as I have for you I'm begging you to please come home. We can't make up for years lost, but we surely can create a happy future. Hope to hear from you daddy! You can contact me at: (Category: Missing Pers)
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