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Searching for Ted Diaz

Ted Diaz
Posted by Rainier
Posted: August 9, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
Ted Diaz, height about 5'7 filipino canadian citizen last reside at toronto in the year 1997 , was employed at airline company ,has two kids ,married to a filipina- canadian citizen named Lalaine... he has a fair complexion ... chubby and has an e-mail address on icq website . His e-mail address but right now i'm not sure if this e-mail address is still existing since he does ot responding to my e-mail whenever the time that I am sending message to him.... i'm her x-high school sweet heart, we promised to make communication whatever happens... if he's far-away but we still friends and I already have my boyfriend right now.. Until that year 1997 that he moved out to a new palce but did'nt know the exac location,and he did not give it to me... So i need to research the information of the new address of this person... (Category: Missing Pers)
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