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Searching for Steve Cook

Steve Cook
Posted by Henry5463
Posted: March 4, 2003
The Missing Persons Register
The last known address I have for Steve is in Cheltenham Glos, England. Steve is approx. 5'7 and quite slender. He has light brown hair. He is very soft spoken with quite a sense of humor. My sister originally met Steve through a pen pal club in school. That would have been approximately 1980 - 1981. They wrote for sometime and when he came to visit relatives in Saskatchewan, Canada he spent a few days with us because we lived quite close to them. We became quite good friends and started to corresponded as well. We wrote for several years and I lost touch with him when my husband and I had our first child 4 1/2 years ago. I miss his humor and would like to hear from him again. Steve has a son who would be about 15-17 and a couple of sisters (one whom at the time had a couple of children. He was not dating/married at the time. He was a postman for a number of years when he took some time off and completed a college course in computer studies about 7 years ago. (Category: Missing Pers)
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