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Searching for Norman Lee Stubbs

Norman Lee Stubbs
Posted by Bjmat
Posted: July 6, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
Norman Lee Stubbs was born to Kenneth Lee Stubbs and Helen Keebe Stubbs in Hanau, Germany on November 18 or 19, 1979 0r 1980. We have not seen Norman since he was a toddler so it is unknown what he would look like. He had dark hair and brown eyes. His grandparents helped raise him and they traveled from carnivals with trailers selling food and refreshments. His grandparents reside in Hanau, his grandfathers name is Erich Keebe. Norman may no longer be going by the name Stubbs as his mother has remarried and has not allowed any contact with his father's family. We have called the grandparents in Germany but they will give no information as to his whereabouts. Now that he is an adult we would like to give him the opportunity to know his other family. Any information anyone can give me on how to search other avenues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks (Category: Missing Pers)
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