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Searching for Suzy Jordan

Suzy Jordan
Posted by Jerry2
Posted: August 9, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
Dr. Suzy Jordan, this is your Ethiopian sister living in Addis. We, your family, were looking for you since you were little kid and taken to Sweden. The family who took you there wouldn't let us get your address. There is nothing we could find about you except some day we heard that you came here in Addis and that you're a doctor and you still know that you're an Ethiopian. So, whenever you see this message please email to mzelalem yahoo . com - your sister Jerusalem (the email address... fix it by joining the three words.. the name... the yahoo domain and the com word.. you know... i did it like that b/c it wouldn't accept the "at" sign.. you know) (Category: Relatives)
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If this is NOT the SUZY JORDAN that you're looking for, then create a new query for SUZY JORDAN


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