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Searching for Arthur Lee Sr. Moore

Arthur Lee Sr. Moore
Posted by catmoore
Posted: April 20, 2005
The Missing Persons Register
Had sister named Pearlie Moore Green, son in military named Arthur L. Jr, Arthur was married to a lady named lonnie last we knew. Trying to locate any family Arthur's father remarried a young wife and had a very, very young set of half sisters huge age diffrence. please contact due to longevity in family I am quite sure he is alive. Last seen: Aprox July 1982 Panama City (Category: Relatives)
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Re: Arthur Lee Sr. Moore
Posted by slater205
Posted: 5:58pm September 15, 2012
Im looking for an Arthur Lee Moore as well but im not sure if he is a Jr Or not. Im his daughter and have been searching for him and my paternal family for years. I know he served in the Army and went to.jail for a while. He was born in 1961. My name is Adlina and I know i was named after my grandma at least uve been told. Thats all I know
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If this is NOT the ARTHUR LEE SR. MOORE that you're looking for, then create a new query for ARTHUR LEE SR. MOORE


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