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Posted by PLAYER
Posted: September 5, 2006
The Missing Persons Register
1991, MICEAL DAVE MARTIN & MYSELF LATASHA PLAYER HAD A SON L.MARTIN, DUE TO AGE DIFFERANCE (micheal 22yr & i was 16yr). ON -OR- AROUND 6/92 WANTING TO MOVE TO TEXES WAS THE LAST TIME I SEEN MICHEAL,(then living in west covina CA). IF YOUR ARE READING THIS OUR SON 15yr is looking for you just to know his roots trust me you be proud he is GOD gift. Now at 15 years old good kid, student, and advancing football varity player, with loving parent's & sibling. His heart still long's to someday meet you MICHEAL, for the soul purpose of knowing his root's and to shake the hand of the man who help give him life in that much respect, if only for one encounter is all he is BLESSED with he heart will know & and he can set a side the fact of not or never meeting his father to rest.(his words). So please think of your self as a young man without your father went'ed you like to look in the one mans face and know "yeah" this is who i look like, and see who and where you are root'ed at,(i would). So if your reading this all he ask is for some kind of response, by phone, photo, letter,or a simple hello, he siad he could live with that. PLEASE CONTACT HE WAITING. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS.. "From a cocern son" Age (approximate): 36-3 Last seen: JUNE, 1991 SAN GABERIAL VALLEY / L.A. COUNT WEST COVINA / WALNUT (Category: Relatives)
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