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Searching for Robert (Bob) McGuire

Robert (Bob) McGuire
Posted by superteach56
Posted: August 6, 2009
The Missing Persons Register
He lives with Emma M Spinelli and associates with Maryanne Spinelli and John Spinelli, Emma's children. My father is often called Bob and is retired from the Los Angeles Police Department. As long as I can remember, Bob loved horses and took meticulous care of his horses. Before moving to Temecula in approximately 2002, he lived in Glendale, California. For some reason, my father stopped all communication with me. I have made many attempts to contact him, even sending photos and letters, he does not respond. Matyanne Spinelli has reluctantly responded to some e-mails but refuses to give the location of my father. Early 2009, Maryanne moved from Oregon to Temecula and put the property in her name AFTER I was able to locate the Temecula address. My father and I frequently communicated now I don't know where he is. Please, if anyone knows his phone number and whereabouts, please contact me. Thank-you Age (approximate): 76 Last seen: 1991 Temecula (Category: Relatives)
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If this is NOT the ROBERT (BOB) MCGUIRE that you're looking for, then create a new query for ROBERT (BOB) MCGUIRE


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