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Searching for Wilma Lois Young

Wilma Lois Young
Posted by dearing (non-member)
Posted: October 19, 1996
Long Lost Family Bulletin Board
We are looking for our long lost aunt. Her maiden name is Wilma Lois YOUNG born in Holyoke, MA on 16 January 1932. Her parents were Louis W. and Marcella V. YOUNG, her grandmother was Jennie YOUNG and her sister is Marcella YOUNG DEARING. Wilma and Marcella were placed in a children's home around 1934. We just found out about Wilma this year through genealogical research, but are at a dead end. Please help!
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If this is NOT the WILMA LOIS YOUNG that you're looking for, then create a new query for WILMA LOIS YOUNG


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