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Searching for Richard Tyrone Barber

Richard Tyrone Barber
Posted by mr.wes237
Posted: 6:34am August 30, 2012
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Looking for my brother, haven't seen him in two years. His last known wereabouts were springfield, illinois and mahomet,il. He's about 5'8 meduim build with a tatoo on his right cheekbone of a dollar sign. Any information would truly be appreciated. He has two grown sons and a beautiful daughter who is the auntie to his beautiful grandaughter. He's had a few rough patches in life,but was on his way to smoothing them out. If you know him or see him let him know his family loves him and please contact us. Thanks!
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If this is NOT the RICHARD TYRONE BARBER that you're looking for, then create a new query for RICHARD TYRONE BARBER


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