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Paul Knox
Posted by davidknox
Posted: 9:22pm December 30, 2012
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Middle name is Judson. Was a Tin Pan Alley composer c.1899-1908 (ish) with various publishers, Mills, Rossiter, Monte Carlo, etc. Published titles include Sag Harbour Waltzes, Ma Daffodil, Like a Bird with a Broken Wing, etc. I believe he spent a lot of his time in NYC. The only official information I have is on the marriage certificate with my paternal grandmother in Fulham, London, UK in 1905. His age on the certificate indicates a DOB of 1874 however his other info relating to his father, etc I do not consider trustworthy. I have no idea of his birth details so very difficult to get a proper handle on the man. If some kind soul could assist me I would be forever grateful.
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